IPC2U Group is an international supplier and manufacturer of industrial computer systems with more than twenty-five years of experience, represented in over 15 countries worldwide, and now also in Kazakhstan. IPC2U specializes in the promotion of industrial computers and embedded systems through its unique internet resource IPS2U. The abbreviation IPC2U stands for the company's motto, which translates simply as "Industrial PC to You

Schneider Electric is a global expert in energy management and automation. The company offers integrated energy-efficient solutions for energy and infrastructure, industrial enterprises, civil and residential construction, and data centres. Schneider Electric's divisions operate successfully in over 100 countries worldwide, including Kazakhstan.

Atlas Copco is a Swedish manufacturer of industrial and construction equipment and tools, recognized as one of the leading global suppliers of compressors, including high-pressure boosters, and diesel generators. The company's product range extends to mining equipment for both surface and underground operations, loading and delivery equipment, geotechnical and exploration equipment, and drilling tools. It also produces industrial tools and road construction machinery. Atlas Copco's production facilities are spread across approximately 20 countries, and its trading and service network spans more than 180 countries worldwide, half of which comprise customer service centres either fully or partially owned by Atlas Copco. The company employs around 34,000 people and reported a revenue of 9 billion euros in 2017.

Since 2018, the Design Bureau "Avangard" has become a partner of the company DKC. Today, DKC is the leading and largest manufacturer of cable support systems and low-voltage equipment in Russia and Europe. The mission of DKC is to supply the global market with high-quality electrical products. The Design Bureau "Avangard" underwent an official audit, training, and presented its own production. This allowed our company to work with high currents and to obtain a first-class vendor for casings and consumables.

Teltonika Networks - A rapidly developing European technology company producing professional networking equipment for the industrial sector. Since 2020, the Avantgarde Design Bureau has entered into a partnership agreement with Teltonika Networks for the distribution of networking equipment.

Phoenix Contact is a manufacturer of electrical connection devices and electronic interface equipment. The company is widely known for its terminal block products. Phoenix Contact is a market leader in industrial connection technologies, automation technologies, interface systems, and surge protection.

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