Automatic control stations for screw pumps

The Automatic Control Station for Screw Pumps (ACS-SP) is a complete device designed for the automation of screw pumps in various technical systems, such as water supply, wastewater, oil industry, land reclamation and irrigation, industrial processes, etc.

Avantgarde company develops and manufactures Automatic Control Stations (ACS SP) according to customer requirements based on the frequency converter - Altivar from Schneider Electric.

The main functionality of the system:

  • Anti-Jam function (automatic pump cleaning);
  • Process control (PID) (maintaining specified pressure);
  • Flow limitation function;
  • Friction loss compensation function;
  • Pipe filling function (preventing water hammer);
  • Pump protection against cavitation;
  • Energy management.

Additional functionality – Control selection

  • Function with or without a pressure sensor;
  • Flow is calculated based on the pressure sensor and the current operating point;
  • Function with or without a flow meter - calculated based on the entered PQ curve;
  • Data collection and processing module;
  • Communication options: Modbus\GSM\EthernetRS\232RS\485RS\422, etc.

We work with brands

System monitoring and control
Support for complex algorithms
Error warning
Adaptive functionality
Monitoring for various system parameters
Support for various communication interfaces
Automatic diagnostics
Optimization of energy consumption
Technical support

Main capabilities of ACS-SP (Automatic Control System for Screw Pumps):

Monitoring and control systems: ACS-SP is typically equipped with various sensors and detectors that continuously monitor parameters such as pressure, flow rate, temperature, liquid level, and others.

Control algorithms: ACS-SP uses specialized algorithms to analyze data from sensors and make decisions on controlling the operation of screw pumps. These algorithms include regulating rotation speed, turning pumps on/off, adjusting operational parameters, etc.

Interfaces and communications: ACS-SP is equipped with a communication interface for integration with other automation systems, as well as remote monitoring and control capabilities via a network.

Diagnostics and warnings: ACS-SP automatically performs diagnostics of the pump condition and alerts about potential problems or malfunctions.

Adaptive functions: Enables the ACS-SP to adapt to changing operational conditions, optimizing efficiency and energy consumption.

Communication GSM Ethernet
Lifetime 25 Years
Operating voltage 3P 380V
Power On request
Frequency 5060 Hz
Protection Rating IP55
Working temperature -40°C +60°С℃
Dementing According to the project
Warranty 18 months.

Autonomous operation of the system in OFFLINE mode
Backup power ensures communication for up to 4 hours
Automatic phase control
Removed energy consumption data collection.
Climate control inside DB’s
Web interface
Interaction with sensors
Automatic operation of the system