Development and manufacturing of control and power distribution boards and panels

"Development and Manufacturing of Control and Power Distribution Panels" touches upon the field of electrical engineering, which includes the design, engineering, manufacturing, and testing of control and power distribution systems.

These systems provide efficient and safe management of electricity in various areas, from domestic to industrial applications. Control and distribution panels are used to monitor and control the flow of electricity, as well as to protect equipment and systems from overloads and short circuits.

Primarily, our company specializes in the custom design and manufacturing of electrical control and distribution cabinets, which are crucial for the stable operation of critical facilities in the industry and energy sectors. A distinctive feature of our company is not only the use of well-known technical solutions but also the development of our own, more precisely adapted to the individual requirements of clients. In the field of automation, our enterprise engages in the creation and integration of control systems based on advanced controllers, frequency converters, data transmission devices, and specialized software. Special attention is given to innovative approaches, evidenced by the presence of our own development department focused on creating energy-efficient and intelligent solutions.

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The process of developing power distribution boards starts with meticulous planning and design. It is necessary to consider numerous factors, including rated characteristics, safety requirements, quality standards, and operating conditions. Designers use various software tools to create efficient and reliable control and distribution schemes.

Following the design phase is the manufacturing stage, which involves selecting components, assembling the panels, and conducting tests. An important aspect is quality control at every production stage to ensure that the products meet established standards and safety requirements.

Testing of control and power distribution panels is a critical stage that ensures their reliability and safety in operation. These tests can include checking electrical characteristics, measuring noise levels, vibration and shock load tests, and thermal testing.

Overall, the development and manufacturing of control and power distribution panels require a comprehensive approach that combines engineering knowledge, precision in design, and strict quality control at all stages to ensure the safety, reliability, and efficiency of these systems.

Our company adheres to the highest Kazakhstani and international norms and standards. Our range of electrical products includes over 30 types of various complete electrical equipment, including control cabinets, automatic reserve inputs, generator control and synchronization systems, load modules, lighting control cabinets, pumps, motors, etc. In production, we use components and products from leading global brands such as Schneider Electric, ABB, DKC, Meanwell, Atlas Copco, Teltonika, and others.

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All this requires the presence of highly qualified staff on the team, well-established supply chains for components, and high-quality specialized tools and equipment that meet quality and safety standards. Specialists in our company regularly undergo advanced training courses, allowing us to maintain the highest quality level at every stage of the production process. This approach enables us to provide clients with products that meet the highest standards of reliability and safety.

Thanks to the experience of our company and a developed culture of manufacturing, clients can be confident in the high quality of services we provide. This is confirmed by our successful projects for well-known companies, including NCOC, Tengizchevroil, SNPC, Schneider Electric, ABB, and others.