Office Building Lighting Control System

The main task of the project

The task involved developing an office lighting control system. It was assumed the office's lighting would automatically turn on and off at strictly set times. However, a condition was provided: if an employee decided to stay late, the system would temporarily delay turning off the lighting in that room.


Our company implemented a project to automate the lighting system in offices with a total area of over 7200 square meters. In addition to saving electricity, convenience in operation was achieved, and the possibility of transforming office space for its further use was provided. Modicon controllers produced by Schneider Electric were used as the control base. The use of these devices allowed for the creation of various scenarios for the operation of lighting devices, as well as their local control from different points in the office. The system also provides the ability to turn off lighting at a programmed time, giving users the ability to manually change and manage the schedule for the automatic lighting shutoff.

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