International Exhibition “COMPUTEX TAIPEI”

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"Avangard" company, in collaboration with "Ipc2u-kz" and our partners from various countries such as Russia, Cyprus, Belarus, Germany, and Ukraine, attended the international exhibition "Computex – 2023," one of the most significant events in the field of computer technology. The program included not only visits to the booths of global electronic manufacturers but also the organization of meetings, seminars, and visits to major electronics manufacturers' factories, exchange of experience, and much more.

Attending the 'COMPUTEX - 2023' exhibition proved to be extremely fruitful. New achievements in the field of technology, and as a result, progressive proposals from many manufacturers exceeded all expectations.

At the invitation of our partners - the largest producer of innovative products, services, and solutions - ADVANTECH company, we visited a new center for the production of modern industrial equipment, electronics, controllers, and various industrial hardware. Innovative solutions were presented, as well as new models that meet modern trends. Our company plans to continue using ADVANTECH products in our own solutions, allowing us to always remain at the forefront of quality and new technologies.

During our visit to Taiwan, we also visited the offices of our major partners such as:

Axiomtek - is a leading company in the design and manufacturing of industrial computers and embedded systems. Since its inception, the company has achieved global recognition for its innovative developments and the highest quality of its products. Avangard Company actively uses network security servers developed by Axiomtek in its projects.

ICOP Technology is one of the leading global manufacturers of industrial embedded computers and controllers, widely used in automation and control systems. These technologies are applied in various fields, including industrial automation, telecommunications, environmental monitoring, healthcare, intelligent transportation systems, automated control systems, etc.

Innodisk Corporation – is a Taiwanese supplier of industrial embedded solid-state (SSD) drives, data storage products, and technologies, specializing in the corporate, industrial, and aerospace sectors.

By collaborating with these companies and integrating components from world leaders in electronics into their products and solutions, 'Avangard' maintains high standards and a culture of production, striving to meet international quality standards.

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