Lighting Control System for Highways in Shenzhen (PRC)


A ring six-lane first-class highway in mountainous terrain (Shenzhen, China) with tunnels and bridges, extending over 92 km.

The main task of the project

To provide lighting control along the entire length of the highway. Install dimmable light sources and vehicle detection detectors. The control system must provide for various options for turning on and off lamps both on a schedule and in accordance with the astronomical calendar, as well as various scenarios for turning on, off, and changing the brightness of individual lights and groups of lights depending on the set schedule. The system should also have features to change lighting depending on external weather conditions, such as rain, snow, fog, and heavy cloudiness. Ensure the integration of the lighting control system with the general highway management platform.


An intelligent lighting control system has been implemented, reducing the number of accidents on the road, optimizing the time for maintenance work, reducing electricity consumption, and the amount of emission releases. Dimmable light sources, controlled by the intelligent system, provide lighting close to natural. Vehicle detection detectors used in this system help optimize the level of lighting depending on traffic intensity. The system also combines lamp control modules, electricity consumption, traffic monitoring, and expert analysis.


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