Lighting Control System for Highways in Shenzhen City (China)

Implementation of Intelligent Lighting System in Shenzhen

Avantgarde company completed the project of implementing an automated lighting control system on the ring road in Shenzhen city.

This project, covering more than 92 km in the first and second phases, includes a six-lane first-category highway and tunnels with a total length of 8 km.

This solution is patented. The rights holder is LLC Design Bureau Avantgarde.

The project incorporated the Avantgarde intelligent lighting control system using the "Phoenix" software, which enabled lighting management along the entire highway. In this project, dimmable light sources and vehicle detection sensors were installed. Depending on the highway topology, the lighting control system utilizes various operational scenarios - turning lights on and off according to a schedule, the astronomical calendar, and adjusting the brightness of individual luminaires or groups based on the set schedule.

In the project solution, the following components and technologies were used:

Traffic Control Sensors

Traffic Control Sensors

A lighting system equipped with sensors for monitoring speed and traffic can analyze the collected data and, according to preset settings, adaptively adjust the lighting level on the roads.
Street Light Controller (SLC)

Street Light Controller (SLC)

LED lamps equipped with a lighting controller are capable of changing light intensity according to both a predefined schedule and motion sensors, following specific scenarios.
Motion sensors

Motion sensors

Motion sensors are an optimal solution for tunnels and enclosed street systems, automatically adjusting the lighting level according to the system's settings.
Streetlight distribution boards

Streetlight distribution boards

The distribution boards ensure timely switching on, off, and dimming of luminaires according to preset schedules and scenarios, as well as monitoring and transmitting data to the control centre for processing and analysis.

Automatic brightness change

A key feature of the lighting control system was the ability to adjust lighting based on external weather conditions, such as rain, fog, and heavy cloudiness. The lighting control system was also integrated with the overall highway management platform and traffic monitoring, which resulted in reduced accident rates, lower electricity consumption, and consequently, fewer emissions. After implementation, the system demonstrated more than 60% energy savings, and the efficiency of maintenance and response increased significantly.

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