Development and Production of Technological Modular Structures

Development and Manufacturing of technological modules for diesel-generator power stations

Customer - Atlas Copco For Tengizchevroil

In 2018, Avantgarde company developed and manufactured technological containers for Atlas Copco diesel generators with additional fuel tanks and load modules.

In this project, Avantgarde company participated in the full cycle - from the development of project documentation to the manufacturing and assembly of parts and components. Looking ahead, it's worth noting that executing this project provided significant experience and knowledge in the development and production of similar modular systems. It's also worth mentioning that Avantgarde received high praise not only from the direct client - Atlas Copco but also from representatives of the end client - Tengizchevroil, both during equipment testing (Factory Acceptance Test) and after the equipment was placed into operation.

Design and Manufacturing

Design and Manufacturing

According to the customer's requirements, a fully welded frame of the modular structure was designed and manufactured, calculated for transportation with the equipment installed inside. Special elements for crane lifting were also provided.
Heating Systems

Heating Systems

To maintain a positive temperature inside the containers, a climate control system was installed to support the normal operation of the technical equipment, according to the manufacturer's recommendations and technical requirements.


To ensure the correct operation of the equipment, an explosion-proof ventilation system was designed. The system consists of fans and electromechanical louvres and is integrated with the fire detection system and automation.
Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting

The main and emergency lighting was designed and implemented following the norms and requirements of the customer. In the fuel tank compartments, the luminaires are in explosion-proof execution and comply with international standards.

A distinctive feature was the production of a fully welded oversized structure, special safety and maintenance requirements, and the sectioning of equipment within the modular structure. The materials used and the equipment, as well as the operational characteristics according to specific requirements and the internal standards of the client, were considered and approved. Calculations were made, approvals obtained, and design work carried out according to the technical specifications and international standards. At every stage of the work, inspections were conducted by representatives of the customer.

Main sections of the project and production work:

Metal constructions

Design and manufacturing. The frame of the containers is made of a fully welded spatial structure designed for transportation with the equipment installed inside. Special elements for crane lifting were included. Insulation with non-combustible materials to reduce noise levels during generator operation and additional noise-absorbing elements. Safety of personnel during maintenance and operation, primarily the width of passages inside and the size of door openings, ensuring staff safety. Equipped with technological holes for the entry of power and signal cables, holes for maintenance, replacement of technical fluids, fuel, etc. In each project solution, the holes and their placement were made in agreement with the requirements of the Customer regarding the location at the installation site of the containers for connection with external communications. The internal space of the containers was divided by internal walls between the fuel tank compartments and generators. The partitions are made in a fire-resistant execution without any communicating holes, except for sealed technological holes for fuel lines and the entry of technological cables. Painting according to the requirements of the Customer. Fuel tanks following the requirements of the technical assignment and standards of the Customer.

Heating. To maintain a positive temperature inside the module, climate control was installed to ensure the normal operation of the technological equipment, according to the manufacturer's recommendations and the technical requirements of the Customer. Heaters, including those of explosion-proof design, as well as a heating system for the fuel supply lines, were used to fulfil these tasks.

Ventilation. To ensure the normal operation of the equipment, a ventilation system, including explosion-proof versions, was calculated and installed. The ventilation system consists of fans and electromechanical louvres. The system is integrated with the fire detection system and generator automation.

Main and emergency lighting. According to the norms and requirements of the Customer, lighting calculations were made, and a lighting system consisting of various types and purposes of lighting fixtures was agreed upon and installed. In the fuel tank compartments, explosion-proof fixtures were used, specialized emergency lights were used at exits, and for the generator compartments, fixtures designed for high operating temperatures were used. The power supply for emergency and evacuation lights was provided by separate uninterruptible power supply cabinets, ensuring the operation of emergency lighting in the complete absence of external power.

Fire detection systems. Design work was carried out and a Fire&Gas system was installed using various types of sensors and detectors for each type of space. Thermal sensors, flame and smoke detection sensors, manual, audible, and visual alarms provided complete protection for the equipment and were integrated with the generator control system, fuel supply, and ventilation. To ensure uninterrupted operation and protection of the equipment, a power supply system consisting of several electrical panels was installed.

Electrical panels for internal needs – providing power to all internal electrical circuits of the module, automation, lighting, heating, ventilation, group socket network, etc. Power distribution cabinets and generator control with the application of relay protection, control controllers, indicators, and switching of operating modes. The use of modern high-quality components ensured reliable operation of the installed equipment in harsh climatic conditions.

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