Development and Implementation of Power Supply System

Development and Implementation of Power Supply System

Avantgarde company successfully implemented a project to install autonomous diesel-generator power stations with simultaneous synchronization of several generators as the load changes at the North Caspian Operating Company N.V. (NCOC N.V.) drilling sludge and oil-contaminated water processing plant.

The project encompassed an extensive array of activities aimed at upgrading the power supply infrastructure of the factory, necessitated by the decline in its operational capabilities and the deterioration of its electrical apparatus. The following initiatives were identified as key during the execution phase:

  • Design and coordination with the client for sections 'Reinforced Concrete Structures' and 'Metal Structures'
  • Design of automation for telecommunications, pipeline heating, fuel supply systems, and power supply systems.
  • Compilation of a plan and schedules for the dismantling of existing equipment.
  • Organization of temporary power supply.
  • Equipment supply, installation, and commissioning.
  • Adherence to safety protocols and minimizing the risk of production downtime.

Within the framework of the project, the following key tasks were completed.

Synchronization of Diesel Generator Stations

Synchronization of Diesel Generator Stations

The process allows multiple generators to operate together, providing continuous and efficient power supply. For successful synchronization, it's essential to precisely maintain the frequency and voltage of all generators at the same level.
Project Documentation.

Project Documentation.

Preparing project documentation truly is the cornerstone of the successful implementation of any project, including in the fields of construction, engineering, or manufacturing.
Automatic refueling of generators

Automatic refueling of generators

This system automates the fuel supply process to the generators, ensuring their uninterrupted operation. When the fuel level falls below a set threshold, the system automatically activates the refuelling process.
Management and monitoring

Management and monitoring

Implementing control and monitoring systems for automated processes at an enterprise is a key step towards improving efficiency, reliability, and safety of production.

The project work also included the development of an automated fuel supply system, data transmission system, placement of generators, and the development of electrical schematics.

Additionally, the main distribution board was replaced, an automatic fuel refilling system and a data transmission network using industrial wireless technologies were installed. It's also worth noting the implementation of a control and monitoring system for automated processes at the plant. A key feature of the project was ensuring the synchronous operation of the generators, which allowed for efficient management of the power supply by load changes.

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