Development and production of Load Banks

Load Bank

In 2018, Avantgarde company developed and released a series of Load Banks of various capacities, designed for additional load, testing, and maintenance of diesel generator sets at Tengizchevroil enterprise. These modules were capable of operating both in automatic and manual modes, with the possibility of remote control and monitoring.

Load Banks are an important element in the testing and trial processes of power systems. They can replicate an electrical load similar to that consumed by commercial and industrial devices, ensuring the realism of testing conditions. Such testing allows for the identification of potential deficiencies in generator stations before their operation in critical and significant industrial areas. Load Banks can operate in both manual and automatic modes.

Manual mode - allows selecting any combination of power set/reset stages - 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 kW in various variations.

Auto mode – is activated when the load decreases to less than 30% of the generator's capacity, and the selection of the number of stages and load power occurs automatically. The threshold value, as well as the power loaded in automatic mode, are variable and are configured during commissioning according to the technical specifications of the Customer.

Avantgarde company develops and manufactures load modules with a power range from 200 to 2000 kW.

Load Banks can be adapted to operate at various voltage levels and output powers according to the unique specifications required by the client. They make a significant contribution to improving the quality and reliability of power systems, which is of paramount importance in the industrial and commercial sectors. Power supply failures can lead to production halts, financial losses, and safety threats; therefore, detailed testing and correct operation of equipment are critically important to ensure system stability.

Given that the design of a Load Bank takes into account a wide range of requirements, conditions, and nuances, the load module is always made to order. To make a preliminary calculation, it is necessary to fill out a questionnaire.

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