JET Ventilation for Underground Parking Lots

JET Ventilation

One of the developments by Design Bureau Avantgarde is a solution for managing JET Ventilation for underground parking lots. From 2019 to 2023, we implemented over forty projects of various configurations and complexities. A full cycle of works was carried out, starting from design, supply of components, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning.

The priority task in developing the system was the safety of people, energy saving, and minimal operating costs of the ventilation system. The foundation of this system consists of controllers located in the ventilation control cabinet, gas analyzers positioned throughout the parking area, and JET fans. The equipment operates according to specified algorithms to control the intensity of the fans for better air exchange. In cases of increased concentration of hazardous substances in the air or in emergencies, the system equipment changes its operating mode and also alerts visitors to the danger. The system integrates with the engineering systems of the building where the parking is located.

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