Electrical control and distribution boards

Electric Power Distribution Boards

Since 2015, Avantgarde company has been involved in the development and production of electrical equipment for the oil and gas and mining industries. The product range includes cabinets for electric power distribution, control panels (HVAC), diagnostic equipment for mining equipment, lighting control systems, as well as solutions for data transmission.

Our clients are large oil service and mining companies located in the Republic of Kazakhstan and beyond. At all stages, from receiving an order, developing documentation, ordering components, and performing work, a procedure for coordination and approval of technical solutions, selection of components, technical specifications, and design solutions takes place. Solving these tasks presupposes the presence of experienced professionals on staff, established component supply processes, and the use of high-quality specialized tools and equipment that meet quality and safety standards. Our employees regularly undergo training to improve their qualifications, ensuring the highest quality level at every stage of the production cycle. In manufacturing our products, we use the best components from well-known manufacturers such as Schneider Electric, MOXA, Phoenix Contact, Teltonica, DKS, etc.

Success stories

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Lighting Control System for Highways in Shenzhen City (China)
The Avantgarde company has completed the lighting automation project for the ring road in Shenzhen city.
Development of control stations for screw pumps
Avantgarde company, in collaboration with Schneider Electric, has completed the project on the development and production of control stations for screw pumps.
Development and Implementation of Power Supply System
At the NCOC N.V. Kashagan plant, the project for the modernization and reconstruction of diesel generator stations has been successfully completed.
Lighting automation project in East Kazakhstan region
Avantgarde company completed the project of implementing an automated lighting control system in the cities of the East Kazakhstan region - 'Ust-Kamenogorsk' and 'Semey'
Development and Production of Technological Modular Structures
Avantgarde company has completed the project on manufacturing technological modules for Atlas Copco diesel generators.