Technological module for the pump station - customer KAZ Minerals


In 2002, our company completed the project for the development and manufacturing of a block-modular technological building for a pump station. Customer "KAZ Minerals".

The project was distinguished by the development and manufacturing of a unique block-modular building, which was notable for its oversized dimensions.

Special attention was paid to safety and maintenance, which was reflected in the design solutions, such as the disassemblability of the structure for ease of transportation and the presence of a removable roof, designed to simplify the process of replacing and servicing the pump equipment. During the project execution, careful selection of materials and equipment was ensured, along with their compliance with the working characteristics, requirements, and standards set by the customer. All works met international quality norms. Necessary calculations and design developments were carried out in strict accordance with the technical specifications. Moreover, quality checks by the client were conducted throughout all stages of the work.

Main sections of the design and manufacturing process:

Metal constructions. Metal structural elements were designed and manufactured to be transported in a dismantled state, including pre-installed equipment. The design includes special attachments for lifting by crane, as well as removable roof parts, which simplifies the repair and maintenance of the pump equipment. The structures are insulated with non-combustible materials for reliable operation in extreme climate conditions. The safety of the working personnel is guaranteed by the optimal width of corridors and door openings.

The design also included the integration of technological holes for laying power cables, signal wiring, and water supply pipelines. The location of all holes was carefully coordinated with the client and adapted to the specific terrain conditions to ensure connection to external communication systems.

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Heating. To maintain a positive temperature inside the building, climate control was installed to support the normal operation of technological equipment, following the manufacturer's recommendations and the technical requirements of the Customer. Heaters controlled by a controller, temperature, and humidity sensors were used to perform these tasks.

Ventilation and air conditioning. To ensure optimal conditions for the operation of technical equipment, a ventilation and air conditioning system was designed and installed, operating according to specific algorithms based on external and internal temperature and humidity. The system consists of fans, air conditioners, and electromechanical louvres with heating during the winter period, and is integrated with the fire detection system. To ensure reliability, a 100% duplication of the system was implemented.

Main and emergency lighting.

According to the norms and requirements of the Customer, lighting calculations were made, and a lighting system consisting of various types and purposes of lighting fixtures was agreed upon and installed. Specialized emergency lights were used at exits. The power supply for emergency and evacuation lights was provided by a separate uninterruptible power supply cabinet, ensuring the operation of emergency lighting in the complete absence of external power.

Fire detection systems. Design work was carried out, and a Fire&Gas system was installed using various types of sensors and detectors for each type of room. Thermal sensors, smoke detection sensors, manual, audible, and visual alarms provided complete protection for the equipment and were integrated with the ventilation and air conditioning system.

Energy supply. To ensure uninterrupted operation and protection of the equipment, a power supply system consisting of several electrical panels was installed. Panels for internal needs provided power to all internal electrical circuits of the containers, automation, lighting, air conditioning, ventilation, group socket network, etc. Panels for power distribution and pump control, control controllers, indicators, and switching of operating modes were also included. The use of modern high-quality components and specially designed equipment ensures reliable operation of the installed equipment under harsh climatic conditions

Avantgarde Company develops and produces block-modular and all-welded structures with technological solutions.

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